Energy Management

For your existing home or for your new home, whether a primary or secondary residence, Red Brick Group will consult with you discuss your Energy Management Needs and design the solution that is perfect for your property whether home or business.

Lighting Controls

You manage your lighting needs when various technologies are integrated into one easy program. With our solutions you can easily adjust the light levels for any family situation, social event, or desired relaxation atmosphere.

An added benefit of automated lighting control is the removal of wall clutter; no more banks of wall switches for your lights. Wall mounted or table top master controllers are programmed to suit the desired functionality and energy conservation; and they are both attractive and elegant.

By integrating the lights in your home into a whole home automation system you will be able to program common scenes, set dimming levels, turn all the lights on and off, light a path for you when you return after dark, simulate presence when you are away and integrate emergency sensors like smoke and flood detectors to flash feature and alerting everyone at home.

You can control the lighting in and around your property from within or without, remotely accessing your systems on line, from inside your car with a visor remote or by keypads installed inside. Comfort, security and atmosphere, all at the touch of a button.

Heating & Cooling

Climate control serves a dual purpose of creating comfort as well as managing energy efficiency. Closely related functions of a climate control system are maintaining proper temperature and maintaining optimal air quality.

We all seek thermal comfort, acceptable indoor air quality at reasonable maintenance costs. You will be able to manage the entire system remotely or from anywhere within your home with our portable units or remote controls. From within your home or business or without, you are able to monitor, set or change the temperature of the space as you require.

For example, for a secondary residence, if you were to make an unexpected visit and had the temperature set low for energy efficiency, you could raise the temperature a few hours prior to your arrival so your home is warm when you arrive. You could even heat up the hot tub so it would be ready for a dip. Should there be a heat wave, you could lower the temperature to a comfortable level for yourself or your guests.

Shade Control

Windows are a key design element in a residence. Daylight adds a comforting, refreshing quality to any room. However, achieving the greatest beauty and efficiency in each room means being able to control the natural light entering the windows.

Total light control is available for roller shades, drapery track systems, roman shades and skylight shades. Maximize views, reduce heat and glare, create privacy or minimize light. Convenience and elegance is created with designer styled systems.

Red Brick shading solutions allows you to transform harsh glare into soft, pleasing light. Enhance privacy while preserving the exterior view. Reduce glare and solar heat gain. Protect expensive furnishings and artwork from harsh UV rays. Change daytime into nighttime for a restful sleep.

Technology makes controlling and adjusting window treatments simple. Intelligent, electronic technology precisely and silently raises and lowers shades for convenient control of daylight and to provide privacy in the evening – all controlled from the room light switches.